Valentines Day

My Valentines gift wishlist?
When it comes to love, I’m a hopeless romantic. But I think romance and a true show of affection comes from the simple things in life. If I met someone who could deal with me.. the nicest thing they could get me would be a card. Actions speak louder than any material gift in my book.

Maybe a meet in the middle, show them you care but also treat them!
A hand-made, well written, card with a gift card that may drop out!

Jack Wills may be an example of a shopping experience to make her/him feel special with the Jack Wills Gift Card UK

A perfect date?
Simple things, well thought out and done well is my mantra. With Valentines Days being in February, in the UK, it’s always going to be cold out – so picnics are a no go!
But dimming the lights, cooking a meal, sharing a bottle of wine and watching a film may just be up her/his street.


Worst date I’ve ever been on?
I hate to be negative and dates, for some, can be nerve wracking. I’m good with people, so girls tend to feel comfortable in my company and I’ve not really had any shockers.
One that stands out though…I literally could have written a book on her. It may have been nerves, it may just have been her personality… but my goodness, she didn’t stop talking about herself. Take note: a human conversation works both ways!


What to wear/what not to wear on a date?3300a9ab182c0de36de6689ad51afc3a--blue-blazers-navy-blue-blazer
Don’t wear white. At least not on top or if you’re going to an Italian – bolognese stains are not ideal! Make an effort, dress up smart, put on a shirt.
I believe a true gentleman should always make an effort and make his other half feel special, but if there’s one night to do it; it’s Valentines. Chinos, shoes, a jumper, even a blazer. Just look presentable and it will no doubt be memorable!

Do’s and don’ts of dating in 2018
When it comes to do’s and don’ts…I don’t have many.
But the ones I do have I think are key:

  • Do – make an effort with your appearance, but make it your style not someone else’s!
  • Do – make an effort with the date. Plan it in advance. This will be appreciated.
  • Don’t – go into the date (or live life for that matter) with any expectations:
    “Expectation is the cause of all heartache.” – William Shakespeare.


If you don’t have a significant other this V-day…don’t bloody cry about it.
Smile, be positive and improve yourself. Don’t look for love. The law of attraction is real.

As always: You do you.


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