Vintage Flight Jacket – £14.99

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably aware of what I do: affordable fashion.
I couldn’t possibly wear something that epitomises this more than this vintage flight jacket that I picked up, off Depop. Great for these fresh (aka. cold af) winter days!


Total outfit cost: £66.99

Flight Jacket: £14.99 – @depop
T-Shirt: £8 – @asos_man
Jeans: £14 – @georgeatasda
Shoes: £30 – @clarksshoes

At just £14.99, from a Depop seller, you really cannot complain. Faux fur lined and coated in thick premium leather, this jacket is the real deal.
If you don’t know what Depop is, it’s an app based marketplace for (mainly) secondhand fashion. From jackets to jeans, you’re bound to find something of your liking.

I have no idea this jacket’s history but so often, and especially this season, I’ve seen cheap rip offs of this style of jacket. With the wonderful invention of the internet, this quality clobber is available simply with the touch of a button.

Looking for some great winter style this season? Why not try Depop (app). You’ll be surprised what you can pick up and the prices are fantastic.

Sometimes you cannot beat the classic. The vintage. The real deal.




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