Travelling in style – ft. MandM Direct.

I had a few trips planned over the last month, so I teamed up with MandM Direct to show, as I always, how dressing well doesn’t have to cost the earth. If you’ve not heard of MandM Direct, Google them. Their tag line says it all:
MandM Direct have a wide range of cheap mens, womens & kids clothes, shoes and accessories from top brand names at discounted prices”.

“Oh…hello affordable fashion!” – *Davids brain*

I took the train to visit my brother, Andrew, for the weekend, to celebrate the buying of his first apartment (whoop whoop!) and to see a few Fringe Festival acts. I only wear skinny jeans, so finding jeans that are skinny AND comfortable for travelling is tough. The good thing is, you can always trust what I say. I’m always honest with my reviews. So when I say I’ve found just that in these Brave Soul Ripped Skinnys, I mean it! They are my new favourite and crazy affordable! Non-restrictive and very comfortable and just £19.99… #bargain.



Check out MandM Direct’s extensive affordable jeans range.





I love my music. My favourite band? Oasis.
Sadly they aren’t together any more, however, Liam Gallagher is touring as a solo act for the first time and as soon as I heard he was on the line-up I simply HAD to get a ticket and I was going to be front row…in my new jeans, of course!


Being a festival, you have to be practical… but let’s face it, we wanna look good too.
Band / artist T’s have been all the rage this year, so I spotted this David Bowie T-shirt. A genuinely PERFECTLY fitting T. You know the kind, you put it on for the first time go
“Oh yeah, this fits just gggreat!”. And the price? …just £9.99.

That’s how we do it people. #AFFORDABLEFASHION


Enter Paired with my Brave Soul Skinny Jeans, at just £19.99 you can afford to dance around in the mud
…with a cheeky pint!

All the links for the items are throughout the blog, if you wish to go direct to them. If my picks aren’t your picks…have a gander through the MandM Direct website. There’s SO much variety on there, you’re bound to find something you like and at a great price.

Thanks for reading and WHATEVER you do after this…do it with a smile!



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