2 Staple Items: 4 Outfits.

As you may well know, I put together affordable fashion outfit ideas, on a daily basis, on my Instagram (@davidjamesseed). The ironic thing being that, unless I am sent the clothes, the cost of buying more and more clothes to show to you guys makes my work quite expensive!

One key thing about keeping your fashion affordable, is having what I call “staple items” in your wardrobe. You know, that pair of shoes that brews well with formal and informal wear, or that one jacket that goes with almost every outfit or occasion.

Today’s staple items: £12 skinny jeans from F&F (Tesco) and £40 brown leather shoes from Clarks (which my Dad was throwing out..my new favourite shoe!)

Of course, we don’t want to wear the same clothes every day to work (if you don’t wear a suit), or to every party, or whatever the occasion may be. But by having these “staple items”, you can switch up an entire look with a few simple tweaks. It makes it a little easier to throw an outfit together and in the long run…it keeps the cost down!


I shot this blog post with Kate Dyomina Kate’s Instagram / Kate’s Website) while spending a few days in ‘The Big Smoke’, that is London, for a recent Toni & Guy presentation.

Outfit 1.

I picked this shirt for just £20 from one of my favourite stores, Forever21. Their men’s section has such variety and at SUCH good prices. The shirt itself can be worn as a shirt, or and “over-shirt” (more like a jacket), as it’s quite thick for this time of year.
The fit is just right over my shoulders, which I struggle with being 6″3′ and broad shouldered. I rolled my sleeves to subtly pull out the look with my jewelry.
Total Outfit Cost: £67

Outfit 2.

An Asos ‘basics’ white T for £4 finished with my Dads vintage looking lined denim over-shirt from Makro, of all places, for £25!
Total outfit cost: £71 (£42 being the jeans and shoes)


Again, simple jewelry added to any outfit making those subtle differences.
Necklace: £4 Topman
£2 Asos
£3 each Topman


Outfit 3.

I got this in a shirt as a 2 for £50 a few years back, but have only just started wearing it. I’ve grown into it, in my old age (23)… The shoes with no socks (invisible socks all day) adds a little edge to the traditional smart casual appearance, with rolled sleeves to, again, enhance your bling bling.
Total Outfit Cost: £47

Outfit 4.


I recently bought this black coach jacket from Asos for £25 and it has quickly become another new staple item in my wardrobe. Matched up with this simple white and blue striped T from Primark for just £8 for a bit of colour and you’re good to go… don’t forget (matching) your umbrella though!
Total Outfit Cost: £59


Just remember that your fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth. Find a good bargain and make it work! For example; I love using Pinterest to find what’s “in” at the moment, taking a screenshot and going out to create an outfit similar but for a quarter of the price. Give it a go!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.
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