DIY Distressed.

Pastel colours and distressed clothing is the Spring / Summer vibe. Both I really enjoy.

What I don’t enjoy and simply cannot get my head around is paying more for something …because it’s been cut up. Effectively paying more for less.

I nipped into TopMan and they had a distressed pastel pink T-shirt. £25. It’s a plain T-shirt…with holes in it!?!?!

Rant over.

To counter this (and also because I really enjoy putting my own mark on things) I walked across the high street and picked up this pastel pink T-shirt from Next on a ‘2 for £8’ limited offer (along with an off white/cream T).
This in itself was a steal for two T-shirts, as the quality of the T’s are great. Heavy enough, thick enough and really damn soft and comfy.

I picked both up in a size XL for the oversized look, took them home, had a scan through Pinterest and made some cuts and stretches where I thought fit.

2 DIY pastel coloured distressed T’s for a 3rd of the price of one.

I firmly believe that there are some staple items where you do get what you pay for. eg. a great jacket/coat, some great shoes/boots and a quality pair of jeans that will all last you years. But, with a bit of ingenuity, there is also lots
out there you can do yourself
without spending the big bucks.

I urge you – TRY IT OUT!

T-Shirt: £4 – Next
Jeans: £30 – River Island
Boots: £35 – Boundary Mill Total outfit cost: £69

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…and here’s me almost falling out of a tree.

btsIMG_5114 copy


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