Sunday, Sun & Chill

What a beautiful sunny weekend we had in Manchester! Although I’m from Preston, Manchester is my closest ‘real city’ (40 mins south). While waiting to take some shots with my friend Marius, I sat on a bench in Piccadilly Gardens and took a moment to people watch.

It’s amazing how the good weather can make everyone so happy. There was a real buzz in the air. Parents and children playing together. Couples chatting and cuddling. Everyone was smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves. Life’s good.

“I love to see everybody in short skirts, shorts and shades. I like it in the city when two worlds collide.”


I woke up stiff and sore on Sunday, from rugby the previous day. So, I pulled this outfit together as I wanted something relaxed and easy to chill out in. It wasn’t quite shorts weather, for me anyway, but the outfit is super lightweight and airy. Perfect for chilling out in the house…or posing on top of car parks.

Sweat-shirt: £8.99 – H&M
Bottoms: £35 – Adidas/ASOS*
White Reebok Classics: £35


Total outfit cost: £78.99


A simple thin baggy white T and Camo Bomber and you have a new look.

T-shirt: £15 – Topman (2 years ago)
Bomber: £25 – Topman

Total outfit cost (including bottoms & Reeboks): £110


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All photos by @renicsphotopage
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