My first blog post and the first of the Supermarket Sartorial Series.

Supermarket Sartorial 1.0

I shot this look in Edinburgh, thanks to my brother @andicd. It’s made up entirely of supermarket brands.


I’m proud to say that I love supermarket fashion. Walking into ASDA (George), Tesco (F&F) or Sainsbury’s (Tu) and nipping over to the clothes section to find little gems, gives me a huge buzz! Not only can it be cheap (I’ve detailed prices below) and picked up while doing a weekly shop, but it can look great too!

details1The amount of times people have complemented my outfit and I have turned with a smile and thanked them, proudly announcing; “…It’s all from George!”.

I think the common misconception is that if you buy your clothes from these places, not only does it not give you much ‘street cred’ but it’s also very easy to dress “like a Dad”.


If done right, Supermarket fashion is cool. Supermarket brands have really upped their game recently and you can get some great clothes for really affordable prices.

I think what’s key is to stop looking at how Tee-shirts, shirts, jumpers, coats etc should be worn and more at how they could be worn.

For example: ‘Hmmmmm, could that checkered shirt be worn in XXL, instead of L, with a white tee underneath, a pair of skinny jeans and boots? Yeah, I think that would look great!’.

Next time you’re in the supermarket doing your weekly shop, TRY IT OUT!

This entire outfit cost under £80:

  • Shoes: £25 – George
  • Skinny Jeans: £10 – George
  • Shirt: £12 – F&F
  • Jumper: £12 – F&F
  • Overcoat: £20 – George (sale)

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