His&Her #AffordableFashion – Boohoo edition.

Hey guys,

I’ve put together links for you, for both full outfits below from todays Boohoo His&Her look, below 🙂

I had so much fun styling this whole shoot and a big shout out to Jenny – the female mode – Jonny – the awesome photographer and Boohoo for helping out on this mini project. I hope you like this and the rest to come 🙂

My outfit, total: £64.50 – all @boohoomanofficial
– Shacket: £22.50 – https://bit.ly/2H0uBwl
– Hoody: £14 – https://goo.gl/juv2xt
– Jeans: £11 – https://goo.gl/BEC2Uz
– Boots: £17 – https://goo.gl/wSLcEx

Jenny’s outfit, total: £62.25 – all @boohoo
– Puffer Jacket: £26.25 – https://goo.gl/aSdBZN
– T-Shirt Dress: £12 – https://goo.gl/P37xZN
– Chunky Trainers: £24 – https://goo.gl/GvmeiT

My Stay In Paris.

So for those of you who follow me on Instagram (@davidjamesseed) you will know that I’ve travelled quite abit this year, with work but also for pleasure. A place that has always been on my to go list is Paris.

Some cheap flights (£79 return) and just 4 hours door-to-door later, we were walking the streets of Paris.
Now I should let you know now, I wasn’t going for your standard ‘tourist trip’ to Paris. I didn’t want to see the usual traps that can force you to be waiting for hours in a queue, I wanted to explore “real Paris”. I was going with one of my best mates Kenno, and we had decided early in that we just want to walk around, drink wine, and have mad chats!


We arrived in the early morning, the sun was shining and, after a short metro ride to from the airport to the city centre, we arrived at our hotel: K+K Hotel Cayré

In close vicinity to Paris’ city centre, the hotel’s location is an optimal starting point from which you can explore Parisian sights, famous shopping streets and business centres. The nearest metro station is also easy to reach from the hotel, just a 5min wal. 


I must say, from the moment we arrived to the moment we left, the staff at the K+K Hotel Cayré were exceptional. Completely making us feel at home and helping us with great local knowledge of “proper Parisian” places to visit. We even got a free upgrade to the most beautiful hotel suite with large windows, incredibly comfy beds (coming from a family business of handmade mattresses, that’s a big deal!) and… could it get any better? …views from our balcony…overlooking the Eiffel Tower!


Once we’d settled into our room, we sat down for food in the courtyard garden, and obviously the first thing we had – crepes! In all honesty, we probably had 4 or 5 each they were that good, but you know, calories don’t count on holiday do they! We then went out to explore the streets of Paris.
We didn’t know exactly where we wanted to go so we ended up walking for a few hours. This was the same pattern for the 3 days we were there – wake up, eat, walk and repeat. It was bliss.

While there we went to some amazing bars and restaurants. I cannot recommend Hotel Costes for dinner enough, the staff look like they’ve walk straight off the carpet at The Met Gala and the atmosphere is insane, it’s Kim and Kanye’s fav restaurant apparently! Peninsula is a roof bar that is also a must go to. Themed like 1950s aviation planes, the bar features one of the best views of the city, and if you go at night the Eiffel Tower lights up beautifully – definitely one to go to if you’re the romantic type.


Overall Paris has truly stolen my heart, I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved it.
I can’t wait to return and stay at
K+K Hotel Cayré again, truly if you’re looking for a magical Parisian experience look no further!



Weekend With Mazda.

Of late, I’ve added a few strings to the bow of my Blog and Instragram. Along with showcasing Affordable Fashion outfits, I’ve uploaded some of my music videos / living room acoustic sessions and given an insight into my recent triathlon training.

IMG_6161_Facetune_23-07-2018-11-56-25Today I add rather a fun string. Cars.
I’ve always been a fan of convertibles and nippy little sports cars – my Dad is mad into his cars, I must get it from him. Just the other day, I teamed up with Mazda UK to give the new MX-5 a spin. *see pictures below


I’ve driven up to the Lake District to trial it. Winding country lanes and open hill-swooping roads, this car was built for it.

What a dream she is to drive. I had the older Mk3 version of the MX-5 and she was my baby*, so I already had experience driving the best-selling roadster and the fun that can be had.  Still carrying their perfect 50/50 weight distribution, creating that smooth and connected experience the MX-5 is so renowned for, the 2018 model is full of thrills.

IMG_6313_Facetune_27-07-2018-14-00-53Clutch down. Start button engaged. Let her RAWWWR!
The from the moment I started her, to the moment I turned back in the drive and pulled up the manual roof (I stopped at a set of traffic lights one day, the sun was out and I genuinely had the roof down and securely fixed within 2 seconds – that easy!), I had a smile from ear to ear.

Gone away are the smooth curves of the exterior. Sharp edges, shark-fin-like headlights and head-turning deep candy red paint job, the new look MX-5 brings a sexier, meaner edge to the roadster.

The finish on the interior is a step up from my older model too. Leather seats and a Bose sound system. And a on-board entertainment, communication and sat NAV system connects to my phone instantly, making an incoming phone call from Mum easier to reject and the volume increased of “Live Forever” by Oasis… to full volume.

Yes, I felt like a rock star. Maybe I missed my calling.

Before I bought my first Mazda MX-5, I used to read forums that was that said something to the sound of “I’m always left with a constant smile when I drive this car”.
I, naively, dismissed it, thinking these were overly-keen car enthusiasts… how wrong I was. Here I am a few years later saying just that!


The Mazda MX-5 has won me over, yet again.
Watch this space, it will be my next car.


**Unfortunately, whilst driving back to my parents from my apartment in Manchester one night, a young man, heavily stoned, was driving on the wrong side of the road toward me and wrote it off..!!!
“aaaaaaaaand breath David.”


Valentines Day

My Valentines gift wishlist?
When it comes to love, I’m a hopeless romantic. But I think romance and a true show of affection comes from the simple things in life. If I met someone who could deal with me.. the nicest thing they could get me would be a card. Actions speak louder than any material gift in my book.

Maybe a meet in the middle, show them you care but also treat them!
A hand-made, well written, card with a gift card that may drop out!

Jack Wills may be an example of a shopping experience to make her/him feel special with the Jack Wills Gift Card UK

A perfect date?
Simple things, well thought out and done well is my mantra. With Valentines Days being in February, in the UK, it’s always going to be cold out – so picnics are a no go!
But dimming the lights, cooking a meal, sharing a bottle of wine and watching a film may just be up her/his street.


Worst date I’ve ever been on?
I hate to be negative and dates, for some, can be nerve wracking. I’m good with people, so girls tend to feel comfortable in my company and I’ve not really had any shockers.
One that stands out though…I literally could have written a book on her. It may have been nerves, it may just have been her personality… but my goodness, she didn’t stop talking about herself. Take note: a human conversation works both ways!


What to wear/what not to wear on a date?3300a9ab182c0de36de6689ad51afc3a--blue-blazers-navy-blue-blazer
Don’t wear white. At least not on top or if you’re going to an Italian – bolognese stains are not ideal! Make an effort, dress up smart, put on a shirt.
I believe a true gentleman should always make an effort and make his other half feel special, but if there’s one night to do it; it’s Valentines. Chinos, shoes, a jumper, even a blazer. Just look presentable and it will no doubt be memorable!

Do’s and don’ts of dating in 2018
When it comes to do’s and don’ts…I don’t have many.
But the ones I do have I think are key:

  • Do – make an effort with your appearance, but make it your style not someone else’s!
  • Do – make an effort with the date. Plan it in advance. This will be appreciated.
  • Don’t – go into the date (or live life for that matter) with any expectations:
    “Expectation is the cause of all heartache.” – William Shakespeare.


If you don’t have a significant other this V-day…don’t bloody cry about it.
Smile, be positive and improve yourself. Don’t look for love. The law of attraction is real.

As always: You do you.


Native Youth.

Hi friends!
Would you let me start off my chatting about one of my favourite Manchester based brands? *rhetorical question, this is my blog.

As a proud Northener and a recent ‘expat’ to Manchester (originally from the not-so-exotic Preston), local brands are something I love to support.
Native Youth is the flag I’m waving today. They’re based in Manchester, 100m from my flat, and with a family history dating back to the industrial cotton mills that made Manchester the city it is today.  Fast forward to the 21st century and Native Youth are creating incredibly slick high-fashion styles at great prices! I met some of the team and head designer a couple of weeks back and they gave me a great insight of future plans for the brand – an exciting 2018!


Total Outfit Cost: £98.75 
Coat: £10 – George (sale)
Sweatshirt: £45 – Native Youth
Jeans: £13.75 – Illusive London
Shoes: £30 – Clarks



My new favourite jumper: The Solomon. Purple isn’t something I’d naturally be drawn to.. but I saw this lil number, and thought “wow! she’s a catch!” I’ve worn her (yes, I’m that attached) to a few events and she’s just PERFECT for the winter chill. Thick, warm and stylish as hell, I’ve been complimented every time I’ve worn this.




Here I am wearing the Native Youth – Heyes Sherpa Denim Jacket. Unfortunately this is now sold out – and for good reason – but it’s still an example of the style being on point.

Total outfit cost: £110
Green Parka: £35 – Asos
T-shirt: £5 – Next (sale)
Trousers: £40 – Native Youth
Trainers: £30 – Reebok (sale)

So, if you’ve not already… go check Native Youth out.
A great brand. Great team. Great prices.



Moosehead Skin & Hair Products

I don’t work with brands that I don’t truly like. I’m not some ‘big shot’ (…yet) but I just think it’s so key, in this blogging world…and in life in general, to be honest and genuine.

Now, as much as I’m a proud Northener, I also spent 2 years of my life in Australia. A beautiful country that has stolen a piece of my heart. I won’t get that emotional about my hair and skin routine, but I recently teamed up with Australia’s No.1 male grooming brand, Moosehead (@mooseheaduk) to showcase their hair and skin products – yep, #ad.

(If you’ve not already, you can see my “sit-down-sofa-review” HERE along with a full weekend of photo-shoots and activities, in my recent Vlog.)

Conveniently launching exclusively in @Primark stores nationwide is the ‘Jump Start’ face wash with natural scrubbing particles and the ‘Smoothly Does It’ hydrating moisturiser with Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Aloe Vera. You can nip into @Primark, get your #affordablefashion, then nip over to pick up your Moosehead…all in the same shop!


I use the ‘Jump Start’ every morning to really get into my pores and keep my skin clean. I follow up with the ‘Smoothly Does It’, so my skin is as smooth as a baby’s bum!

Here’s some snaps of me looking vane…and applying the Moosehead ‘Grubby Putty.’ I’ve always had mad curls and used to hate them. But now I embrace them, after all:


The ‘Grubby Putty’ provides a firm hold, with no shine finish, to give your hair that ‘just got out of bed’ messed up look – think no frills bed head hair. That ‘caring-about looking-like-you-don’t-care’ look. I’ve also had a play around with the Moosehead ‘Forming Wax’, which gives you the scope to shape any look and keep hair healthy.

Both these and more
Moosehead products are now available at Tesco, @Primark, @Superdrugloves & @Waitrose.


Vintage Flight Jacket – £14.99

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably aware of what I do: affordable fashion.
I couldn’t possibly wear something that epitomises this more than this vintage flight jacket that I picked up, off Depop. Great for these fresh (aka. cold af) winter days!


Total outfit cost: £66.99

Flight Jacket: £14.99 – @depop
T-Shirt: £8 – @asos_man
Jeans: £14 – @georgeatasda
Shoes: £30 – @clarksshoes

At just £14.99, from a Depop seller, you really cannot complain. Faux fur lined and coated in thick premium leather, this jacket is the real deal.
If you don’t know what Depop is, it’s an app based marketplace for (mainly) secondhand fashion. From jackets to jeans, you’re bound to find something of your liking.

I have no idea this jacket’s history but so often, and especially this season, I’ve seen cheap rip offs of this style of jacket. With the wonderful invention of the internet, this quality clobber is available simply with the touch of a button.

Looking for some great winter style this season? Why not try Depop (app). You’ll be surprised what you can pick up and the prices are fantastic.

Sometimes you cannot beat the classic. The vintage. The real deal.




Travelling in style – ft. MandM Direct.

I had a few trips planned over the last month, so I teamed up with MandM Direct to show, as I always, how dressing well doesn’t have to cost the earth. If you’ve not heard of MandM Direct, Google them. Their tag line says it all:
MandM Direct have a wide range of cheap mens, womens & kids clothes, shoes and accessories from top brand names at discounted prices”.

“Oh…hello affordable fashion!” – *Davids brain*

I took the train to visit my brother, Andrew, for the weekend, to celebrate the buying of his first apartment (whoop whoop!) and to see a few Fringe Festival acts. I only wear skinny jeans, so finding jeans that are skinny AND comfortable for travelling is tough. The good thing is, you can always trust what I say. I’m always honest with my reviews. So when I say I’ve found just that in these Brave Soul Ripped Skinnys, I mean it! They are my new favourite and crazy affordable! Non-restrictive and very comfortable and just £19.99… #bargain.



Check out MandM Direct’s extensive affordable jeans range.





I love my music. My favourite band? Oasis.
Sadly they aren’t together any more, however, Liam Gallagher is touring as a solo act for the first time and as soon as I heard he was on the line-up I simply HAD to get a ticket and I was going to be front row…in my new jeans, of course!


Being a festival, you have to be practical… but let’s face it, we wanna look good too.
Band / artist T’s have been all the rage this year, so I spotted this David Bowie T-shirt. A genuinely PERFECTLY fitting T. You know the kind, you put it on for the first time go
“Oh yeah, this fits just gggreat!”. And the price? …just £9.99.

That’s how we do it people. #AFFORDABLEFASHION


Enter Paired with my Brave Soul Skinny Jeans, at just £19.99 you can afford to dance around in the mud
…with a cheeky pint!

All the links for the items are throughout the blog, if you wish to go direct to them. If my picks aren’t your picks…have a gander through the MandM Direct website. There’s SO much variety on there, you’re bound to find something you like and at a great price.

Thanks for reading and WHATEVER you do after this…do it with a smile!



2 Staple Items: 4 Outfits.

As you may well know, I put together affordable fashion outfit ideas, on a daily basis, on my Instagram (@davidjamesseed). The ironic thing being that, unless I am sent the clothes, the cost of buying more and more clothes to show to you guys makes my work quite expensive!

One key thing about keeping your fashion affordable, is having what I call “staple items” in your wardrobe. You know, that pair of shoes that brews well with formal and informal wear, or that one jacket that goes with almost every outfit or occasion.

Today’s staple items: £12 skinny jeans from F&F (Tesco) and £40 brown leather shoes from Clarks (which my Dad was throwing out..my new favourite shoe!)

Of course, we don’t want to wear the same clothes every day to work (if you don’t wear a suit), or to every party, or whatever the occasion may be. But by having these “staple items”, you can switch up an entire look with a few simple tweaks. It makes it a little easier to throw an outfit together and in the long run…it keeps the cost down!


I shot this blog post with Kate Dyomina Kate’s Instagram / Kate’s Website) while spending a few days in ‘The Big Smoke’, that is London, for a recent Toni & Guy presentation.

Outfit 1.

I picked this shirt for just £20 from one of my favourite stores, Forever21. Their men’s section has such variety and at SUCH good prices. The shirt itself can be worn as a shirt, or and “over-shirt” (more like a jacket), as it’s quite thick for this time of year.
The fit is just right over my shoulders, which I struggle with being 6″3′ and broad shouldered. I rolled my sleeves to subtly pull out the look with my jewelry.
Total Outfit Cost: £67

Outfit 2.

An Asos ‘basics’ white T for £4 finished with my Dads vintage looking lined denim over-shirt from Makro, of all places, for £25!
Total outfit cost: £71 (£42 being the jeans and shoes)


Again, simple jewelry added to any outfit making those subtle differences.
Necklace: £4 Topman
£2 Asos
£3 each Topman


Outfit 3.

I got this in a shirt as a 2 for £50 a few years back, but have only just started wearing it. I’ve grown into it, in my old age (23)… The shoes with no socks (invisible socks all day) adds a little edge to the traditional smart casual appearance, with rolled sleeves to, again, enhance your bling bling.
Total Outfit Cost: £47

Outfit 4.


I recently bought this black coach jacket from Asos for £25 and it has quickly become another new staple item in my wardrobe. Matched up with this simple white and blue striped T from Primark for just £8 for a bit of colour and you’re good to go… don’t forget (matching) your umbrella though!
Total Outfit Cost: £59


Just remember that your fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth. Find a good bargain and make it work! For example; I love using Pinterest to find what’s “in” at the moment, taking a screenshot and going out to create an outfit similar but for a quarter of the price. Give it a go!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.
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Thanks for reading,


DIY Distressed.

Pastel colours and distressed clothing is the Spring / Summer vibe. Both I really enjoy.

What I don’t enjoy and simply cannot get my head around is paying more for something …because it’s been cut up. Effectively paying more for less.

I nipped into TopMan and they had a distressed pastel pink T-shirt. £25. It’s a plain T-shirt…with holes in it!?!?!

Rant over.

To counter this (and also because I really enjoy putting my own mark on things) I walked across the high street and picked up this pastel pink T-shirt from Next on a ‘2 for £8’ limited offer (along with an off white/cream T).
This in itself was a steal for two T-shirts, as the quality of the T’s are great. Heavy enough, thick enough and really damn soft and comfy.

I picked both up in a size XL for the oversized look, took them home, had a scan through Pinterest and made some cuts and stretches where I thought fit.

2 DIY pastel coloured distressed T’s for a 3rd of the price of one.

I firmly believe that there are some staple items where you do get what you pay for. eg. a great jacket/coat, some great shoes/boots and a quality pair of jeans that will all last you years. But, with a bit of ingenuity, there is also lots
out there you can do yourself
without spending the big bucks.

I urge you – TRY IT OUT!

T-Shirt: £4 – Next
Jeans: £30 – River Island
Boots: £35 – Boundary Mill Total outfit cost: £69

Thanks for reading,

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All photos: @alexlewisphoto 📸


…and here’s me almost falling out of a tree.

btsIMG_5114 copy